Hearing Protection for Sensory Defensiveness

SportEAR is a family business heritage, with over 50 years of design, manufacturing, and retailing experience. Today’s SportEAR team relies on this experience to deliver the highest quality and most advanced product line on the market.






The SportEAR Mission

SportEAR has and always will deliver the finest performing hearing enhancement and protection devices available. From ultra comfortable fitting processes, to stereo-quality sound performance, to reliable & durable engineering – SportEAR continues to redefine the premium products in the market.






Custom Edge Series (Custom Fit)

The Custom Edge Series are highly individualized earplugs that electronically heighten your hearing while simultaneously preventing hearing problems from occurring. They digitally dampen loud sounds over 85 dB allowing you to secure your sense of hearing—no matter where you are.
We manufacture the Custom Edge Series using universally hypoallergenic Surgical Acrylic. We provide any solid color option for your convenience. The custom design means they fit perfectly and are nearly invisible.
Water proofing is another feature we offer to keep your device operating in all weather. Sensory defensiveness will be a thing of the past and will allow you to be protected at all times with discreetness.




Select-A-Fit Series (Universal Fit)

The Select-A-Fit Series provide flexibility for those in need of hearing protection and enhancement. We custom program them to your hearing.
They include 5 different sizes of rubber tips to make sure that you have the perfect fit. Made from a medical grade silicone, they provide maximum comfort in-ear hearing protection and enhancement.
The Select-A-Fit Series features digital hearing compression, which will dampen loud noises above 85 dB, and simultaneously allow you to hear at a normal level. Water proofing is another feature we offer to keep your device operating in all weather.




“They helped me hear better and they stopped loud sounds. I had to put the volume on the lowest because my ears are sensitive to noises. I was worried about how they looked but they were comfortable in my ears and you couldn’t see them very much after they were in my ears. If I needed to stop loud sounds I think these would work good for that.”
– Adam Potter 16, has Autism and Asperger’s.
“I purchased my SportEAR 30 hearing devices in 2008. The size, comfort and capability of these quality units are exceptional. I have since purchased an additional pair as a spare.”
– Ronald S. Poludniak Plainfield, CT