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We Invite you to Discover How Regular Brain Health Checkups Can Detect Early Signs of Cognitive Decline.

Early Detection Equals Better Results. Learn How We Can Help With:

ADD/ADHD Dementia
Anxiety PTSD
Memory Focus
Mental Clarity Brain Injury/Concussion
Sleep Disorders Obsessive Compulsive
Autism Stress
Depression And More…
This assessment measures the following functions:

Memory with multiple memory subtypes
Perhaps you’ve been forgetting where you placed your keys or more serious memory problems. The memory testing profile will give us an objective assessment of your current memory status including multiple memory subtypes.

Reaction time and reaction time variation
This is a very sensitive measure of focus and attention. When these measurements are off , it gives us additional clues as to what kinds of therapies may be impactful.

Evoke potentials
These are measuring the hard wiring of the brain. By stimulating the eyes with flashes of light or the ears with specific sounds, we can measure the speed with which your visual and auditory brain center respond. We also measure the time it takes for your attention center in your brain to respond to stimuli and then your working memory center to respond to the alert message from the attention center. By measuring these evoke potentials, it helps us understand if there is a problem with the actual sensing organ i.e., the eye or the ear,
By measuring these evoke potentials, it helps us understand if there is a problem with the actual sensing organ i.e., the eye or the ear, or if there are problems with the attention or memory centers. Specific treatment options are uncovered based on this information.

Brain maps:
These are YOUR brain compared to age and sex matched controls. They help us pinpoint areas of the brain that are responding diff erently than the normal database average brain.

Brain sources:
Using sLORETA 4D brain targeting, the test is able to localize the area of the brain responsible for the abnormal responses noted in the brain maps.

Summary scores (report card)
This gives you a percentile* rank of 10 brain function domains including; visual speed, stimulus detection speed, decision making speed, reaction time, focus, hypertension, impulse control, heart rate, resilience, and cognitive preparedness.

* Percentile is a way of ranking a population. If you rank in the 8th percentile, it means you scored in the top 80% of the test population. If you rank in the 20th percentile, it means you scored in the bottom 20 percent of
the test population.


How is Your Autonomic Balance?
Autonomic nervous system balance is measured through heart rate variability testing. Heart rate variability is a sensitive measure of autonomic nervous system balance. The two major branches of the autonomic nervous system are the sympathetic branch, which is often described as a fight or flight and the parasympathetic branch, which is often described as rest and digest.

Autonomic balance is closely related to adrenal function as well. Many people with chronic medical concerns have adrenal fatigue. This results in the autonomic nervous system trying to take over the function of the adrenal and that often results in significant autonomic nervous system imbalance. Of course, the problem can also go the other direction. In other words, autonomic nervous system imbalance can result in adrenal fatigue.

Additionally, we will measure:

  • Composite memory
  • Verbal memory
  • Visual memory
  • Psychomotor speed
  • Reaction time
  • Complex attention
  • Cognitive Flexibility
  • Processing speed
  • Executive function
  • Simple visual attention
  • Motor speed

All from a totally non-invasive test!

At 3rd Opinion, we are a functional medicine clinic. We treat people by optimizing the functional medicine matrix.

3rd Opinion will focus on the Functional Medicine aspect of your care. Your cardiologist would not treat your kidney disease and we will not treat your disease. We will treat your underlying causes that result in you having a disease.

An assessment will allow us to look for issues regarding your brain health. If we discover that you may need treatment, we will help you determine the best course of action to improve your condition by investigating into the cause of the condition rather than the condition itself.

You will be required to have a primary doctor and any specialist necessary to treat any disease you may have. Over time, we hope you see your wellness elevate to a point that your medical treatments for your disease are no longer needed.

Research demonstrates that early brain health baseline testing can be performed at any age. Call us to start today.