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Functional Medicine

A system to re-establish dynamic resilient balance in the body. This helps re-establish health and wellness. To learn more about functional medicine click here.

A system to improve circulation, enzyme function and detoxification…Read More


Prolotherapy is a method of improving the strength and integrity of tendons and ligaments. It is very helpful for all types of musculoskeletal pain. We use it to strengthen and stabilize the neck and back even pain unresponsive to surgery. It is a wonderful adjunct to Chiropractic. Your Chiropractor may have told you that your adjustments just won’t stay… Prolo can improve your ligaments so that your Chiropractic treatments are more effective. See also What Is Prolotherapy.

You may have noticed that there are many “new” clinics treating Varicose Veins. Most of them are “one trick ponies”. By that I mean they have purchased a laser or other treatment device and know how to use it. The problem is, if your doctor only has one tool to treat Varicose Veins, they will “fit” you into that treatment….Read More Here

In office Ultrasound

This is used for Diagnosis, and Treatment. Unlike X-ray, CT or MRI, Ultrasound is dynamic. As an example if you have shoulder pain, we can not only see your ligaments we can watch them in real time as you move your shoulder. This is a great advantage in diagnosis and in planning treatment. In addition we use ultrasound to guide injection to exactly the place we intend to treat without the risks of radiation.

Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapies

At 3rd Opinion we use a variety of test to determine not only your hormone levels but the balance and metabolism of your hormones. Not every problem is solved with hormones, if it were that strait forward it would not be so controversial. Most people are not interested in hormones, they are interested in feeling better, having more vitality and looking youthful. That may require hormones but it may require something different. At 3rd Opinion we strive for balance, physiologic balance, metabolic balance, detoxification balance, nutritional balance, social balance and activity balance. To learn more click here.


We use a wide variety of tools to diagnose the underlying causes of fibromyalgia including Functional Medicine and specialized labs. We have a very good track record of helping those who have not been helped elsewhere. That is why we are called 3rd Opinion. Most of our patients have been to their primay care doctor, the local specialist, perhaps even a University Center and even the Mayo Clinic. These institutions are great but generally ask the question “What”. We ask the qusestion “Why”. If you ask what and the answer is fibromyalgia your choices are limited. Main stream medicine feels that fibromyalgia is treated with antidepressants. If you ask “Why do you have fibromyalgia?”, you have a whole new set of variable to treat. See my introduction to Functional Medicine Power Point for an example of the complexity.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

(Chronic Fatigue Immune-Dysfunction Syndrome). See Fibromyalgia. While a different disease we use a similar strategy to diagnose the underlying imbalances that result in the disease. By identifying these imbalances we are able to take steps to rebalance the physiology and restore health.

Lyme Disease

A tic born acute or chronic infection associated with sever disability. Lyme disease is endemic in Minnesota and many parts of the US. Its effects are underappreciated and many suffer for years or decades before finding a lyme literate doctor. Lyme disease has been called the “Great Masquerader” in that it can “look” like Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue, MS, Parkinson’s Disease, Lou Gehrig Disease, Myasthenia Gravis, Dementia and many others. Read More

Heart Disease

We use the combination of Life style, Diet, Nutrition, Herbs, and Medication were needed to improve cardiac function. We provide comprehensive noninvasive out patient cardiac care. This includes First Line Therapy™ (FLT) our state of the art lifestyle training program, Chelation Therapy along with nutritional supplements and herbs.

Medical Detectives

We at 3rd Opinion are Medical Detectives. We are not a high throughput walk-in clinic. We take the time to understand the details of your medical condition and from that relentlessly pursue not only the diagnosis but the underlying causes of your medial issues. From there we design individual programs to restore health.