HBOT Testimonials

“When I heard that Dr Sult was going to be offering HBOT I knew I wanted to try them. I have been sick a long time and unable to work. I was not sure how I would pay for it, or how I would be able to be away from home, my kids, and my husband for so long. It all worked out with the help of my family. Dr Sult’s office was good about working with our schedule. I was concerned about being confined in a small space and getting really stiff and sore from sitting. Sean explained everything and answered questions. I could see him through the windows, he checked on me frequently and made adjustments as needed. I was able to watch movies, listen to music and relax. I was given blankets and cushions to make it more comfortable, I was also able to move and adjust to make it more comfortable. When I started, it seemed like a really long commitment. I was concerned that I was not seeing an improvement right away. Sean and Dr Sult explained that it will take time. This was explained before I started, but I forgot that part. All the staff, Sean was patient with us, and reminded us of appointment times and was willing to make adjustments to make it more comfortable. I have noticed an increase in energy and a decrease in nerve and muscle pain. I feel like I am able to think more clearly and process things faster. It is a gradual change, my husband has noticed improvements in all of these areas as well. I am very grateful that Dr Sult offers the HBOT treatments and feel so blessed to have been able to get them. It took me many years to get this sick and it is a process to get better. The cost seemed expensive at first glance, but upon checking it is actually cheaper than other places. I also have realized the things that have been most helpful are not covered by insurance but have been worth doing and have helped me improve. It is worth paying for something that helps versus taking medications covered by insurance that have often just masked the underlying problem. Im looking forward to continued improvements.” – A.F.

“It made me tired at first. I have had improvement in my nerve pain, sinus problems, joint pain and have had some weight loss. After the first few treatments I felt more relaxed and comfortable in the chamber. Our nurse was excellent, very knowledgeable. I have no pain, the time went by fast. We were treated by the staff and Dr Sult very well. Things were explained, effects were good, sleep was better. I would recommend HBOT to family and friends.” – D.S.

“I felt pretty good when I started the HBOT, and continued to feel well throughout the treatment. I used HBOT as a final treatment to kick Lyme out of my system! The financial piece was a huge dollar amount to commit to, along with the time commitment. I was concerned about the unknown herx reactions that I might have because of Lyme disease. I overcame these concerns by realizing I cant put a price tag on my health and that it was completely worth the money and time if it meant I would probably feel better. I was nervous about what the treatment would do to my body and how I would feel afterwards. I was never worried about claustrophobia. Sean was very straight forward with every questions I had. So I was able to get all my questions answered before the treatment ever began. Dr Sult also gave plenty of good information about the process so I knew what to expect. My experience went better than I anticipated. It was a very easy process and two hours goes by pretty fast when you are watching a good movie! After I completed 20 UVLRX treatments and 40 hrs of HBOT, my Lyme symptoms are gone and I feel great! There is no better feeling in the world than feeling like myself again! A huge thank you to Dr Sult and his staff for getting me to where I am today. My kids now have their mom back and my husband is very happy to have his wife back too! I am truly enjoying life as I should be. Lyme took 4 years of my life and controlled everything I did. Im very thankful and blessed that I found 3rd Opinion. Without Dr Sult helping me to show my Lyme disease whos boss, I wouldn’t be where I am today! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you from the bottom of my heart! If you are able to give your health a couple of months of your time, this treatment will reward you in the end.” – K.B.

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