Autism Policy

Office Policy Regarding Treatment and Supervision of Autistic Children

The Biologic Treatment of Autism (BTA) is challenging at any time. In the setting of a child taken out of his or her routine (i.e. a medical visit), it can be an extreme test for all. This policy is to optimize the communication, teaching and therapeutic environment for all involved.

Only one child will be allowed into the treatment room at a time.

In addition to the DECISION MAKING parent(s) or guardian(s), a childcare provider for the child must be present in the treatment room as well. This is to insure that the decision makers can focus on the conversation and treatment plan without the distractions of childcare.

In the event of divorced or separated parents, consent from all parties will be required. BTA is complex and requires full-time administration. If all involved households are not onboard, it is unlikely that treatment will be effective. Dr. Sult and 3rd Opinion are uninterested in being in the middle of your parenting disagreements and so will not engage in a treatment plan without the consent of all concerned parties.

If more than one child is to be seen on any given day, you must insure adequate childcare for the children not in the treatment room. This generally should be a responsible ADULT(s) with the skills and resources to manage the child’s (children’s) special needs.

The definition of a HERO is a common person placed in uncommon circumstances. That, to me, is the definition of the parents of special needs children. These policies are not meant to be burdensome. They are intended to improve communication because BTA is a therapeutic approach that is complex, time consuming and requires great dedication to the process.

Autism Policy